What’s so great about rhubarb?

Last week, I harvested the first few stems of rhubarb of the season from the garden.

I turned them into a rhubarb compote to have with my oatmeal the next morning. Cutting the rhubarb released the most delicious fresh rhubarby scent! I look forward to this moment alllll year.

The funny thing about rhubarb, is that if I had access to fresh rhubarb all year round, I probably wouldn’t eat it that often, if at all. Rhubarb tastes pretty bad when eaten raw, needs to be cooked with hardy amount of sugar, and can leave a dry taste in your mouth if not cooked properly. And yet….

….the first taste of rhubarb in the spring makes me so happy. It’s tart and sweet when you need it most. It’s the first fresh fruit-like thing to come from the garden. It’s a sign of what’s to come.

The seasons necessitate a several month hiatus from certain wonderful experiences, such as seeing beautiful flowers or eating delicious food. Gardening makes me more appreciative of these small pleasures. I notice the flowers as they bloom more now that I have a name for them, and know to look for them, and I always look forward to rhubarb in springtime.

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