Welcome to My New Garden

I moved to California exactly one week ago. I’m getting settled. Still not completely settled (but, I’ll only be here for two years, so I don’t know if I’ll ever feel really “settled).

The house where I’m renting has a small backyard with some fruit trees. When I mentioned that I was interested in gardening, my landlord (and roommate), Keith, got inspired, and decided to build some raised boxes in which to plant some herbs and veggies. He also has a couple of small cherry tomato plants in pots.

Here’s a few pictures of the new garden:

The view from the back porch, just off the kitchen. The fruit trees are mostly planted on the left side of the garage.
A small table on the deck with some potted plants
The potted tomato plants – they’ve got a few cherry tomatoes on them, but they don’t look great :/
The garden box with basil, sage, thai basil and oregano (being crowded out by the thai basil)
Fig tree on the side of the garage
The Meyer lemon tree
A pomegranate tree!

Not pictured are an apple tree, a navel orange tree, a lime tree, a blood orange tree, a plum tree, and a small kumquat shrub. The only plant with ripe fruit right now is the Meyer lemon.

I’m planning to add a few more vegetables and herbs of my own to the garden. Although in Seattle, it would probably be a little too late to start some things from seed, being in zone 9b, I expect a long growing season. Oddly enough, I don’t see a lot of vegetable gardens in yards, like there were in Seattle. I wonder if there are challenges to growing vegetables here that I don’t foresee…

2 thoughts on “Welcome to My New Garden

  1. I continue to be impressed with your blog. It’s always enjoyable to read, and I’m glad that your new garden seems to be working out.


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