Seed Update: Palo Alto Veggies and Herbs #2

The zucchini and winter squash that I planted a few weeks ago are growing really well! The seeds were planted on July 3rd. Given that the seed packet said days to germination would be 10-14 days, I’m pretty pleased with growth these plants have put on since being planted 17 days ago. Th photos for my last update were taken July 10th, so these photos represent just over a week of growth. Isn’t photosynthesis amazing!

There are four zucchini squash coming up now.

July 10
July 19

The Armenian cucumbers that were planted in this next pot didn’t do anything, but I kind of didn’t expect much of them. The winter squash (volunteer, kuri-like squash) doesn’t seem to mind having the pot all to himself.

July 10
July 19

The cilantro, parsley, and marigolds are much slower to come up. The parsley hasn’t come up at all as far as I can tell. I think I might try to resow them.

This next photo is of the cilantro. It’s hard to tell, because of the weeds, but there are small clusters of cilantro plants sprouting up here.

And here are the marigolds intermixed with weeds.

Lastly, the geranium is hanging in there….doesn’t look great, but he’s not dead yet!

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