The Stanford Gardens Part 2: The Cactus Garden

On the Stanford campus, near the medical center is something called the Arizona Garden, commonly known as “the cactus garden.”

It’s a small circle of land that has been planted up exclusively with cacti.

I hate cacti. They’re ugly. They will hurt you if you touch them. Looking at them makes me thirsty and tired. But now that I live in California, I have to learn to like them. So, I took a stroll through the garden the other day, and took some photos for you to enjoy!

This is a giant agave plant that is taller then me. People have etched their names into it’s leaves.
Cute little cacti with pretty flowers. And deadly thorns!
Funky looking cacti – I have no idea what these are called. They remind me of a dried up coral reef.
The shade makes the cacti look slightly better, I think. Perhaps cacti gardens are best enjoyed at dusk when the sun has mostly gone down.

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