One of my plums sprouted!

Do you remember the mariposa plums? I saved the seeds and put them in a wet paper towel to see if I could get any of them to germinate.

Well, one of them seems to be doing something…

It’s a bit odd looking, and the discoloration still the right end there make me a little nervous that something a wrong with it, but nonetheless, I put it in a small pot of soil, and to see if anything would come up.

Well, would you look at this:

Ok, it’s kind of hard to tell from the photo, but there is a tiny sprout coming up. This photo was taken yesterday, only four days after I planted the plum seed. I’m optimistic that I’ll have a small mariposa plum tree soon.

3 thoughts on “One of my plums sprouted!

  1. That took a long time! All our guesses were 17 days to 4 weeks for germination, but it actually took like 10 weeks. I figured the plum seeds had all rotted by now.


    • Haha! I forgot about our guesses. Yep, way off! The other seeds are still intact and firm – definitely not rotten, but no sign of sprouting from any of them.


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