The Gamble Garden in October

It was 91 degrees here yesterday… still definitely not fall here yet. Our nighttime temps are getting down into the 50s sometimes though, so I can kind of pretend it’s fall early in the morning. The Gamble Garden, which I visit on at least a weekly basis, is changing slightly with the seasons. The last Gamble Garden tour I did was back in July. Now in October…

The zinnias have petered out, but dahlias have more than made up for them:

A row of mums is starting to bloom:

Japanese anemones (one of my favorite!) and cosmos are in bloom:

A row of asters were planted where the zinnias used to be, but there’s nothing much to see yet, so I didn’t take a picture of them.

The squash are nearly done. Here are some really stretched-out-butternut-esque ones growing on this arbor:

Most of the pumpkins have already been pulled and replaced with fall crops like beets.

The apples are over, but the citrus are starting to mature. This is a navel orange, I believe:

I enjoy seeing how things change in the garden and what new things are growing each time I visit. I’m so lucky to have such a great garden nearby.

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