One Sweet Pea is Up!

The first sweet pea poked it’s head out of the soil on Jan. 29th. I planted four of them on the 23rd, so this is super fast germination! I’ve never grown sweet peas from seed before, but I’ve heard they can be tricky to germinate. One out of four is not too shabby, and its looking really strong!

According to Floret Flower, when the plant is 4-6″ tall, I should “pinch out the central growing tip, just above a leaf joint, leaving just two or three leaf nodes” in order to encourage bushier growth. Let’s hope this guy makes it to 4-6″ and does poop out on me like the parsley and chervil!

There is no sign of the peas in the garden coming up, but it’s a bit chillier out there, so I’m expecting them to take longer to germinate. There is also no sign of rats digging around the seeds, so that’s a good sign.

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