A Citrus Harvest

Last weekend, I participated in another Village Harvest event. We harvest citrus from a few private homes on a block in San Jose

(This picture is of a different, but similar group. I didn’t take many photos to respect other people’s privacy)

We harvested oranges, grapefruit and lemons from 5 or 6 trees across four different houses on one street. Here are the oranges we collected from one tree:

The volunteers got to take home “seconds” (fruit that is damaged or had been dropped on the ground).

The oranges are all navel oranges. The three yellow, round fruits toward the top are grapefruit. There is a slightly underripe lemon on the bottom left and the giant yellow fruit next to it is a Ponderosa lemon.

I used Ponderosa lemons earlier this year to make Lemon Mousse from the Moosewood Cookbook (similar-ish recipe found here), which was delicious! This time, I want to use the oranges to make marmalade. I’ve never made marmalade before. I think I’m going to use this recipe, but it seems kind of finicky.

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